Sacred Nourishment: For Emotional Eaters and Busy Parents & Leaders

For years I’ve studied health and nutrition because of my experience with emotional eating among other issues. I’ve found that there’s no long-term progress without a focus on spiritual and emotional well-being.  I’ve found that relationships, routines and stress are major things that can make or break transformation.

In this program we work on lifestyle routines, relationships and stress-reduction techniques to create desired mental health habits that make nutrition, planning, body image and physical health aspects a breeze.

Start with a cleanse.  

It’s all about simplifying, getting your mind into a place of abundance (rather than restriction, limitations, lack, scarcity and starvation) and learning to trust. Open your mind to your inner voice (intuition) and develop a sense of deeper understanding and alignment with your body’s signals.  Finally you can simplify, release stress, reset your taste buds and sense of health in general.  This is the place where emotional eating retires.

Do the cleanse for as many days as you can. Then start integrating more avenues for deeper, more sacred connections to your health, your body and your impact through continued holistic nourishment activities and opportunities.

Affirmations, vision boards, manifestos, letter writing, music, meditation and more are easy ways to improve your health, and go deeper into the harder parts of scheduling, sleep, eating habits, body image and finding physical activities that you love.  We will strategically practice these activities and find a place for them in your routine, that works uniquely for you, or ditch them if they don’t.

Sacred Nourishment is $50/month or $150 for the full 4 month program.  ($50 off)

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