Let’s Collaborate

The stakes are getting high, whether there’s symptoms yet or not, you’re on the verge of burnout or worse! (and you’ve been thinking about it while you’re not sleeping at night)
You want to find your purpose, speak clearly and confidently and influence your people to follow your lead. You have a dream you can help prevent people from going through what you’ve gone through. That you can have a community behind you where taking amazing care of yourself enables others to take amazing care of themselves. You believe someday you’ll be able to really tell your story and inspire the kind of change you need in the world.
Well guess what?  Today is that day!
You might be thinking you’re not ready, you barely have any time and you have so much you have to do already. I know you’ve tried a lot of things already, you feel like you shouldn’t complain, you can handle a lot and you’re doing okay. We all need each other and you are reading this right now for the sole purpose of biting the bullet and deciding it IS time to repurpose your pain.
I’m inviting you to build your village today.

KarmaisabizWords. Community. Relationships: your one stop shop for engagement, events, collaboration and management of your purpose projects, side hustles, small biz relationships and communication + the person behind it all: you!  Think of it as a holistic content co-op.
Nanny Naturale’s Bee FruitfullThe Yoga of Parenting/Caregiving: Holistic health support, guides, guidelines and household management for less stress, more creativity, high levels of energy, sustainable learning, bonding and communication/partnership skills.
Featherstory + Fruitfull Yoga Bee Fruitfull*Not Perfect*Health Is About Abundance and Alignment: Become a leader by telling your story, mastering your karma, transforming your masculine/feminine energy alignment, learning your spiritual patterns and communicating with grace and efficiency.
Sacred Nourishment Stress Less*Learn To Default To Bliss*: your hormones are affecting your health and stress affecting your hormones.  It’s the subtle, simple habits that will change your health around and how you change more than what you change.
Sistirred and Brovolution: Sustainability.Manifest.Maintain.Mindset: Get alignment in your masculine and feminine energies, heal from past relationships, get problem solving and communication accountability, attract healthy relationships and healthy boundaries.

Customized Support

We’re open to writing reviews of products and services related to yogic living, vegan eating, natural health, whole foods, parenting, personal development, business, fitness, and more.

We’re also interested in traveling to events, attending workshops, seminars, courses, classes, festivals, retreats, etc. and promoting the events, reviewing the participating businesses/organizations and documenting our experiences in order to provide potential customers a bird’s eye view on what is offered by businesses they might be interested.

If you have events on a semi-regular basis, we can help you get more participants by providing an unbiased look at what the public can expect from your events.  People hesitantly join or attend large events that may be costly without first having first-hand knowledge or a second-hand account they trust.

Additionally we are open to reviewing products and services.

We are now offering coaching in the following categories:

Healthy & Fit: Nutrition, Fitness, Behavior/stress management, Yoga/meditation/pranayama

Nanny Naturale: Pregnancy, Postpartum, Breastfeeding Counseling, Child behavior, Parent/child relationships, Tribe building

Writing services:

Co-writing therapy

Editing passion projects (proposals, plans, speeches, etc)

Collaboration on Biz Content

Events and Ceremonies:

Coming of Age

Couples Healing

Family or Group Health or Bonding

Kundalini Awakenings & Breakthroughs