About: Stress Management & Radical Health

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Are you looking for natural stress management and radical health solutions?

I am Siri Mera Kaur, a writer, mother and artistic, community-driven advocate for holistic mental health prevention and treatment.  Telling my stories, improving communication, improving relationships and embracing simplicity and natural ways of living have served me well.

I had many spiritual experiences as a young child and no one to talk to them about and so I dove deeply into reading.  As I reached adolescence I began to write songs. Eventually in high school I turned to writing as my primary source for healing and relating to the world.

Also within this period of time I began to have an identity crisis.  I started questioning everything I thought and “knew” in the face of tragedy in my family.  I needed emotional support and all around me I saw people pretending and numbing themselves.  It was the biggest mind trip I’d ever experienced.  I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.  This led to my entrance into the world of mental health treatment.

Natural Stress Management

My mom was the first one to send me a therapist.  I was quickly diagnosed with depression and medicated.  When I went to live with my dad a few months later my anti-depressants ran out and were not renewed.

A few years later in college I began going to therapy again.  This lead me to seeking out ways of natural stress and mental health management.  At that time I had the freedom and motivation to change my diet, appearance, and habits for my own happiness, without fear of judgement from my parents or family.

I was discovering spirituality and lifestyle habits that worked, I also developed social anxiety due to internet dependence and other issues which landed me in inpatient recovery.  This was a pinnacle of my life that opened me up to a whole new world and it’s complete opposite subculture.  After completely relying on medical treatment I then decided to reject that treatment and supplement my life with powerful lifestyle habits that I saw sustainable and fulfilling progress with.

Nutrition, yoga, body image, boundaries, community, communication, nature and creativity have been my refuge. I’ve been stable over the past decade in ways I was told would not be possible.  I’ve also learned how culture plays a role in empowering people on their own terms, long-term.

That is my purpose with this site.  I aim to bring awareness, encouragement, inspiration and support to building family-friendly, culturally diverse communities and businesses.  These resources support natural prevention of depression, anxiety and PTSD symptoms through natural stress management and radical health practices.

Sustainable Community

I went on to nanny, babysit, volunteer and work in other capacities within diverse homes and communities.  What I learned was that stress, health, emotions and energy are a lot more social than I previously realized.

I saw how stress management practices can be easily observed within a family or community unit.  I also learned how radical health practices, even as simple as saying gratitude or giving a good hug can be contagious.

This is why I focus on community as a major component of natural stress management and as a featured branch in radical health practices.