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*Affiliate links are included below.  Meaning for some of these links, I receive payments based on a small percentage of the purchase you make in exchange for my audience and effort.  However, I only recommend things I truly believe help promote Ecstatic Living and Yogic Techniques for Awakening Kundalini Energy.

Personal Development:

Danielle Laporte: I have to recommend everything Danielle Laporte.  The reason I do this is because well, she’s my competition, essentially, but I don’t see it that way.  Everything she offers are things I dreamed of doing before I even knew who she was, but I didn’t know I had permission to actually do it, until I saw her.  I have to credit her for starting to take steps towards living my true purpose, unapologetically.  I’ve been stepping out for 3-4 years now, since I first discovered her and I no longer feel any sense of jealousy, competition or comparing myself to her or anyone else.

We all need someone to look up to, someone to show us how to get to where we want to get to.  Danielle is just one for me. Because I don’t feel like I need to have all the clients in the world, if Danielle suits you better, or if you want to double dip, it’s all to the good, because we’re all in this together and when you win, I win!  I especially love and use The Desire Map, The Firestarter Sessions, and #Truthbomb Card Deck.

I’ve read enough of White Hot Truth to know I recommend it.  It’s one of the major topics I’ve been talking about and learning about over the past few years and I think it’s so important.  I’m excited to read through it and would love for you to share your take on it with me.

Everything PAX Programming.  The Queen’s Code, Keys To The Kingdom and various workshops with Alison have been extremely enlightening, accessible and impactful on my relationship with myself and everyone else in my life! Everyone! One of Alison’s major teachings coincides with Kundalini Yoga and Ecstatic Living, which is about Radiance!

Ecstatic Living For Kids:

Green Kids Crafts: Click Here  If you’re homeschooling kids of different ages, or just have young kids and need some activities for them, I can’t recommend this enough.  It just makes life easier sometimes, even on rainy days, travel days, etc.  My kids still play with boxes from months ago.  And I’m really excited you can get a book in them now too, I might be weird, but I love new books, even kids books

Urthbox is great for summer, snacks, lunch boxes and car rides.  Get $10 off a vegan box here.  They also have gluten-free snacks and are non- GMO.

More stuff for kids?  Yep!  Ecstatic Living means embracing your playfulness and the best way to do that is with experts: kids!  My kids love Little Passports and so do I!  It’s a box that comes in the mail with fun learning activities.  It was travel focused, but now they also have science boxes.  There are different boxes from preschool age to tween ages.  There’s even a classroom subscription option!  I just love subscriptions!

If you’re homeschooling or if your child(ren) struggle with reading, spelling or literacy in general I highly recommend All About Learning Press.  They are very useful for dyslexia and dysgraphia but I would use their materials because of the depth, efficiency and fun they provide.  There are many freebies to get you started.

Being bilingual and being globally aware is very important to me.  Little Pim is a company I really love because their language learning material is very in-depth and high quality.  You can get 15% off your order with this link:

Ecstatic Living for Health/Household:

You probably know Wai Lana Yoga.  What I really like is the kids yoga stuff they have, but there’s lots to explore in terms of yoga products.  Check it out here.  I love yoga and meditation, but I especially love introducing it and encouraging these habits in kids, it leads to Ecstatic Parenting and encourages Ecstatic Living in kids.

If you want to go green in your kitchen go here: Paperless Kitchen.  There’s lots of great products for cleaning, lunch boxes, and table ware.  It’s easier to care for our planet and ourselves than we often think.  Start with one small thing and it’ll be much easier and more exciting to go deeper down the rabbit hole!  Doing good feels good, ya know?!

Have you been looking for eco-friendly and organic bedding options?  I know of a great company!  Nest Bedding  has mattresses, pillows, comforters, bed frames and more.

That’s It Fruit Bars are a great snack for the car, the outdoors, lunch boxes or just because!  I love them so much I’m reviewing them soon.  My kids love them too.  They’re like Lara Bars without the nuts(which bother me).

If you want more detailed information about any of my recommendations just send me a message.  In the future I’ll do specific reviews of products and list those links at the bottom of this page.  If you have any reviews to share, let me know or comment below.


The Queen’s Code by Alison Armstrong