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What I Ate Raw Vegan, Early Spring 2013


bananas (Photo credit: Fernando Stankuns)

As you can see…the last few weeks I haven’t written anything.  I’ve been much higher on the raw vegan fruity spectrum and it becomes more difficult for me during those times to want to write about what I’m doing.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe it’s the blog format.

Anyway, I’m just going to let you know what I’ve been eating this week and how I’ve been feeling. The past couple weeks, I think I had salt maybe 1 or 2 days.  So I’m eating much less salt than usual.  Which is a great thing.

I’ve been eating really simple for the most part and I’ve been eating mostly mono-meals and mostly, like even more than usual…raw vegan.   I may have had potatoes or cooked veggies for about a week, during the past 3 weeks.  I also had some cashew butter recently.

I am low on fruit right now and I am trying to stick to a budget, since I spent a lot this month already. (I bought a lot of nuts which I don’t usually do)  I’m just speculating about what I’ve eaten because I haven’t really recorded all this, but since I’ve eaten really simply.  It’s pretty easy to remember.

Sunkist oranges, bananas, pears, apples, and a...

Sunkist oranges, bananas, pears, apples, and a watermelon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sunday: bananas all day, probably a little over 20…haven’t had a huge appetite

Monday: bananas all day; salad at night…ditto

Tuesday: bananas for breakfast & lunch(approx. 18), grapefruit/cucumber/tomato salad, cucumber w/ cashew butter

Wednesday: bananas for breakfast & lunch, soup: cooked broccoli, zucchini, carrots, sweet potato

Thursday: bananas/pineapple, grapefruit/cucumber/pineapple salad, cucumber/cashew butter

Friday: banana/strawberry icecream, salad w/ beets, spinach, who knows what else, salsa & raw vegan hummus w/ zucchini chips

My kids don’t exactly eat what I eat.  They snack on or eat a lot more nuts/seeds than I do.  I actually don’t eat nuts at all. They also require shnazzy exciting meals sometimes, if it was just me, I’d be on some fruit island all the time.

They also prefer to eat potatoes for dinner most nights, because in our house, there are much worse cooked food scents buzzing around, so I give them cooked potatoes or sweet potatoes most nights.  Things have changed a lot this week though, I haven’t really needed to make breakfast or lunch for them.  They’ve been mostly feeding themselves with bananas, apples, kiwis, citrus, dried fruit- and nuts/seeds.

English: Different potato varieties. – The pot...

English: Different potato varieties. – The potato is the vegetable of choice in the United States. On average, Americans devour about 65 kg of them per year. New potato releases by ARS scientists give us even more choices of potatoes to eat. Deutsch: Verschiedene Kartoffelsorten (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My nose was snotty and I was sneezing a lot on Sunday and Monday I think.  Now I am a tiny bit sniffly.  I think it is from decreasing my salt to zero, but I can’t be sure.  It doesn’t matter…I feel fine.

I did have a slight fever for a very brief period one night.  But I went to sleep and I was fine the next day.  So all in all this is a pretty satisfying way to eat although I tend to love the way I feel a little more without salt and with more fruit and less cooked stuff…also more juicy fruits usually equals more fun…but again, overall, I’m satisfied.

3/4-3/10 High Raw & Fruity Menu

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So, this week, I have a ton of bananas that are ripe.  I won’t go shopping again until the weekend probably, so here’s my menu for the week:


Breakfast: Grab it while you can(meaning get fruits that you want, usually something we only have a few pieces of, make your own fruit combo)

Lunch: Noodles w/ celery, carrots, bell pepper

Dinner: Romaine salad (with tomatoes, oranges, hemp seeds), potatoes


Breakfast: Fruit salad (banana, orange, apple)

Lunch: Persimmons & Cucumber salad

Dinner: Baby spinach salad & sweet potato


Breakfast: Apples & dates

Lunch: Oatmeal & fruit

Dinner: Fruity tacos (napa cabbage), Veg soup


Breakfast: Fruit salad

Lunch: Chopped bananas with coconut water

Dinner: Salad w/ walnuts, grapefruit, pineapple, rice noodles


Breakfast: Bananas

Lunch: Fruit salad

Dinner: Celery w/ dips: seed butter and seed hummus, sweet potatoes w/ raisins & celery


Breakfast: Banana/mango ice cream

Lunch: Noodle soup

Dinner: Cabbage/carrot/seed slaw, Spinach/fruit salad, mashed potatoes


Breakfast: Banana/fruit icecream

Lunch: Oatmeal (apple. banana, cinnamon)

Dinner: Cucumber sandwiches(raw), Slaw, veggie soup

High Carb Vegan Menu Plan

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Wow…it’s been forever since I’ve logged into this blog, but I am really excited about my menu this week and planning to up everything and increase my percentage of raw foods to the tippy, tippy top.  I won’t tell you how much I paid for my durian!  So here is my grocery list for this week:
I bought 1 frozen durian, 10 persimmons, a 40 lb. box of bananas, quite a few loose bananas, 2 bags of pink lady apples, 2 heads of celery, 1 container of okra, 5 oz. baby spinach, a container of 3 romaine hearts, coconut water, italian parsley.


A glimpse of my precious!

Monday is over now so we’ll move on to tomorrow:
Tuesday- fruit salad(bananas, apples, oranges, pineapple), persimmon party(this revolution will be televised on youtube)*, green smoothie(celery, apples, bananas, raspberries), potatoes & okra and a salad with cucumber, hempseeds, grapefuit, tomatoes.

Wednesday- fruit salad, durian, huge salad w/ potatoes.

Thursday- grapefruit/apple/tomato/cucumber salad, banana icecream, oatmeal w/ fruit, fruit burritos.

Friday- apple cereal w/ banana milk, green smoothie(oranges, apples, lettuce), cucumber floats with celery/tomato/avo.

Saturday- get it while you can, pineapple-pasta salad, raw veggie soup, zucchini chips/guacamole.

Sunday- bananas w/ strawberry-date sauce, fruit salad, durian, salad.

Monday will be a who knows day because I’ll be shopping again on Sunday. I hope to find a couple boxes of mangos!

This post is a part of Menu plan Mondays.  If you like/want me to post more menus, meal plans, recipes, and what I actually ate, let me know!

*Stay-tuned for the link or join me at where I will post the video. 🙂

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Review TapToTalk, Nonverbal Communication App

A photo taken of my iPod Touch

A photo taken of my iPod Touch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

TapToTalk is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) application for handheld devices and computers that creates more positive conditions to help the non-verbal and partially verbal communicate better with those around them.

The program is available in over 20 languages and is used across the world.  The app is free to download but there is a lot more available when the Designer is purchased.  With the Designer a personalized version of TapToTalk can be created for each individual and shared amongst many different devices and used with parents, teachers, therapists, etc.  With the Designer you can put in your own pictures, text and audio to better suit your user, and choose from a large TapToTalk library to customize things for your use.

I spent 10 or so minutes working with Tap To Talk with my daughter one morning. She will be 2 later this month and doesn’t really communicate verbally very often. She uses sounds and various types of communication, but not many words.  She really loved the site and was able to click on some of the words herself.

After that day she has been much more verbal. She now says ball, “I want”, “bird” and a few more things she was not saying before we tried the program and that was just a few days ago.  She also tries to verbalize a lot more than she was before.  It is like a code was discovered in her mind that verbalizing is now a preferred method for her, even though she is still working on the combinations.

Of course Tap to Talk can be extremely useful to people of all ages who are non-verbal or have particular communication and cognitive differences.  I wonder how it would work on the phone, since I know a family member with a speech impediment caused by cerebral palsy and understanding her on the phone can be much more difficult than in person.

It works by including several categories that a person may deal with on a day-to-day basis, such as numbers, choices, help me, as well as learning topics.  There are pictures in each category and you click on a picture and the word is announced by either a male or female voice, you choose.  Also, sentences related to the object in the picture are verbalized.

TaptoTalk Designer can be purchased for $99.95 for a year of $175 forever.  Remember the app is free to download so check it out first if you know or work with any non-verbal or partially verbal people who may be able to benefit from this tool.  There is also a 30-day-no-risk-refund policy. Visit to try it out.

Tap to Talk can be used on: Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad, iPod
Touch®, Nook Color, Nintendo DS products, Android™
phones and tablets, Blackberry™ Playbook®, plus PCs,
Macs, netbooks and tablet computers.

Disclaimer: I was provided with information to review this app, however all opinions are my own.

Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda

I know this is late notice but if you want an introduction to understanding the significance of Ayurveda in relation to Kundalini Yoga click on the link below and sign up for this free web-event. Jai Dev Singh is a great teacher. It has been several years for me, since I was taught by Jai Dev, it was during my yoga teacher training…but I will not forget his presence, he was warm, extremely easy to relate to and great at explaining things. I have no doubt this will be a special and very enlightening event. I am signed up and ready to learn, are you?

Why You Should Go To Sat Nam Fest, Pt. 1

Are you one of those naughty yogis who never sets foot into a classroom or practices with another yogi?

Okay, this doesn’t make you naughty. Doing yoga at all, by yourself, from videos or books or memory, actually makes you pretty awesome…but admittedly we could all use some yogi community every now and then, and the more the better really.

That’s why all these yoga festivals are so important. Those who don’t have a home studio get to experience the community aspect of the yoga environment. This video in particular will help you feel those vibes and hopefully buy a ticket, because it’s much more fun in person. For information on buying a ticket to Sat Nam Fest look beneath the video.

Sat Nam Fest, Sept 13-16 Waynesboro, PN, and use the code SFEMERA for a $25 discount, because you are special. 🙂

~~Sat Nam and see you there?

Fruit Festivals Around The World…

This summer is especially fruity… there are festivals all over and if you’re interested in trying out or maintaining a healthy relationship with fruit there is no better way to emerge in the experience than to attend a festival.

July: 12-14 Fresh Food Festival in Denmark

August: 20-28 Woodstock Fruit Festival in New York, USA

September: 12-16 Raw Fruit Festival in Andalusia, Spain

End of August-End of September hosts 3 different annual fruit-filled events in Sedro Wooley, WA, USA.
The first is Culinary Skills Week in which participants learn how to prepare fruit-centric 811 meals. August 31-Sept. 8

Second is Acro Health & Fitness Week. This event is focused on extensive fitness activities and adventure. 811 cuisine is provided for participants in this event to fuel all the activity.

Third is the Fasting and Feasting Fortnight. During this event those who are interested in fasting are supervised and supported as a group, and then re-feeding takes place with juicy, fruity 811 foods.

For more information visit

Cold Showers & Chanting So Purkh: Personal Sadhana

I’m a day late sharing my sadhana, but this has been my routine.

A cold shower. This sets me in motion. After I take my shower, I feel warm, comfortable, creative and ready to go.

Chanting So Purkh in Gurmukhi and English(as many times as possible). This brings me to tears. This is my biggest commitment. I chant it as many times as I can.

I just recently found this video by Nirinjan Kaur…it quickly resonated with me as exactly what I needed to connect to:

Stretch pose. I actually started intuitively moving my body and realized I was in stretch pose with my hands under my butt. I did breath of fire in this position. I intend to do stretch pose regularly for core strength and 3rd chakra activation.

Spinal Kriya. Since I can easily remember the parts of this kriya without needing to look at a book or computer screen I usually do this kriya in the dark or teach it to my girls.

Adi Shakti meditation. Another that I remember easily and do with my toddler and preschool age daughters. This is fun and easy.

Transformational breathwork/dance. For trauma release, releasing extra emotions, extra grounding, creativity and a sense of being empowered.

Followed by melon. For simplicity and pleasure. For beauty and sweetness.

Marked with breaks of bliss, amazement, smiling contentedly, head nodding and releasing tears and fears.

Sat Nam~~

Fruitfull Fashion 1.1

I found this photo over on pinterest and it personifies my idea of kundalini comfort over the summer.  I’ve been wearing my hair like that and looking for a dress like that in my size for ages.  I really like yoga in dresses.


Other things I really like about this photo is the mudra and the subtle neck lock. The background is also beautiful. Does this not inspire a blissful yogic practice?

~~Sat Nam and May the Fruit Be With You

Kundalini Yoga for Detox

oficina de kundalini yoga 3

oficina de kundalini yoga 3 (Photo credit: Alex Czajkowski (Amrit))

Whenever we introduce our bodies to more health, our bodies respond by kicking out its defenses, coping mechanisms and stored illness. This is usually not so pleasant, unless you have a great mind-set.

There are however some ways of dealing with the symptoms of detox. Kundalini Yoga helps us to get deeply into the sensations of our bodies.  Through breathing and movements that massage our internal organs and gently loosens up our joints and spine, we are primed up for a release that we can cope with and manage more comfortably.

I know this through experience.  I have felt the heat on my skin and the radiant strength pulling through in the midst of some ugly detox symptoms due to my own desperation to go to my Kundalini toolbox.  The simplest of techniques works for detox and intense kriyas may not be the ideal step in these circumstances.  Spinal Kriya, I believe is one of the best activities to do during an intense detox or cleanse.  All of the traditional Kundalini Yogi warm-ups also work well.  Chanting and any form of breathwork is great…especially alternate nostril breathing.

One thing I want to mention however is that everything is not detox. Sometimes the symptoms we experience are in relation to toxicity entering our bodies rather than being expelled.  In this way we may feel that Kundalini Yoga is failing us, or our bodies are just too toxic and we may as well give up on it and live complacently until we die.

Just because you’re eating raw or more raw foods doesn’t mean that everything you’re eating is high quality or safe for human consumption. There are lots of scams out there in the raw world and the best I can say without going into too much detail(for this blog post) is simple is better.

Just like in the yoga world, certain traditions have endured for good reason. And this is not to say that anything new is fake or fraud, but when it comes to the body our internal conditions need simple maintenance with the natural foods designed for us and that we were designed for. There are no villainous fruits and veggies and there are no elite exotic superfoods that you need for health.

Pili nut and other tropical fruits

How could these be evil? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What we need is to listen to, trust and nourish our bodies. We obviously need lots of water, sunshine, sleep, laughter and nutrition in our lives. We also need to trust that the universe is abundant in what we need to survive and not just those who can afford expensive, exclusive products.  Kundalini Yogis are vocally open about raw food nutrition.

In a class I took with Gurmukh she mentioned the superiority of raw food nutrition.  In the same studio, Anahata the studio’s owner had experience with Ann Wigmore’s raw food movement of the 70’s.  My very young yoga teacher trainer Jeffrey was in communication with Gabriel Cousins and included raw foods as a part of his teacher training and his teacher Siri Gian Singh is a raw chef.  I believe I have even heard Yogi Bhajan talk about raw food.

Unfortunately there are also people like David Wolfe going around claiming what Kundalini is, and I’ve gathered there are several others out there getting on the bandwagon just to use the name of Kundalini to sound shnazzy.  This is not to say that eating superfood products is the doom of civilization, but some raw food leaders (who are called gurus strangely enough) recommend an extremely high percentage of “superfood” products, supplements and practically condemn simple fruits and veggies.

So, I believe Kundalini Yoga can really help a person decipher the real healing from the fake.  It can take some time however to shift through it all, if you are connecting to the truth of raw foods and reading the soap opera version of the philosophy.  The same way people can connect to the philosophy of yoga, but are turned off by trendy, shallow commodities.

oficina de kundalini yoga

oficina de kundalini yoga (Photo credit: Alex Czajkowski (Amrit))

I have experienced transitions within my body in adapting my eating patterns to a raw and fruit-centralized style.  However, before I became a fruitalini, I was a nutalini and consumed high quantities of fat and processed superfoods.  I suffered with what I believed was detox for a really long time and was so paranoid about doctors and stuck in the paradigm of “this is so expensive, how can I get help”  that I wouldn’t get help and figure out what was really going on with me.

Once I found the fruitalini way, through 80/10/10 by Doug Graham, I was free from constant pain and detox.  This doesn’t mean my body didn’t cleanse.  It did, and when it did I decided to write this post about how the discomfort was cradled by my Kundalini Yoga practice.

I am not eating 100% raw right now.  I am still cleansing every now and then as I add and subtract from my fruit-focus.  When I cleanse, I get on the floor, with fire breath and spinal twists and my bodily sensations erupt with an action that clearly creates a response to help me “Stay calm and carb up!” or “Stay calm and keep up!”  After 3+ years in the high carb, low-fat raw style, I am a million times more stable in my eating and health.  I know how to be reasonable with my self and enjoy what I’m doing.  I’m ready to challenge myself to up my raw intake again, so it will be fun to share my detox/cleanse days and show what is realistic and helpful during this time.

~~Sat Nam~~And May the Fruit Be With You~~

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