Do You Suck At Relationships? Learning From Reality TV

I was just watching a show on MTV called Are You The One.  The contestants live in a house and try to find their “perfect match”.  The contestants’ tendency to suck at relationships is the show’s premise.  Some of the cast members go on dates. The remaining cast members drink and do wild things.  The cast-off cast members were sumo wrestling each other on this episode. The winner had to lick something off another member’s body.

A girl who was involved with another guy who wasn’t playing the game allowed a different guy to lick peanut butter off her nipple.  The guy came into the house just in time to see this and had quite an outburst.  I think I was as shocked as the guy that a girl would let someone do that to her.  The girl said she was a fun girl, as if it wasn’t a big deal.

Are we as a culture at the point in society where being that sexual with someone you’re not involved with is considered normal?

The guy’s reaction seemed realistic and justified.

Watching this reminded me about my vow to give up the right to emasculate men and how ignorant society is of these habits.  I actually think both men were emasculated.  I believe the girl was being objectified by herself and her peer group.

Does Western Society Suck At Relationships?

Maybe it’s not just you or the people on this game show.  I’m starting to see more and more evidence that this is something of a cultural epidemic.

Reality TV helped me a lot a few years ago when I realized my mistaken ideas and actions surrounding relationships.  I started watching shows I’d previously shunned.  By exposing myself to ideas, situations and communication I wasn’t used to, I really prepared myself for dating and learned more about what I wanted and what I might encounter with others.

The divorce rate is not a negative thing in my opinion.  I think it’s great that people would rather divorce than stay complacent in a negative or damaging relationship.  However I see a lot of unhealthy relationships, standards, boundaries, communication and abuse that concerns me. This is largely because people stay in these situations and repeat these cycles over a long period of time.

I wouldn’t suggest basing your life off TV, movies or media.  However a shift in perspective exposes this useful way to expand your mind. This can reveal lessons you wouldn’t otherwise feel comfortable allowing in your current lifestyle.  I’m going to start trying to live tweet each night this show as well as 90 Day Fiance’ and Married At First Sight come on.  If you suck at relationships and would like to see how to use these shows to learn how to improve your relationships join me!


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