Love Yourself Instead. How To Stop Judging!

In this post I’ll illuminate some great ways to learn how to love yourself and practice sustainable self-care.  I’m also going to suggest a few fun ways to entertain yourself in an empowering, loving way.  These options might include affiliate links that will give me a kickback of income if you purchase from my link.  Enjoy!

I was looking in the mirror.  I’m on my 3rd breastfed baby,  I’m 30-something years old.  I’ve heard it all, as you probably have as well.

I’ve heard all the jokes about sagging breasts. (and yes they do)

All the jokes about destroyed vaginas. (which is not a thing)

All the tips about how to look perfect, never age and always have some new reason to judge the physical appearance of myself and others. (ugh to thigh gaps, right?!)

For the most part, I unsubscribed to the magazine covers and headlines over a decade ago.

But I’m very human and I live in conventional, everyday American society, I’m not immune and I’m not wearing blinders.

Love Yourself & Be Confident In Who You Are:

  • I actively consume alternative viewpoints.  (different cultures define different standards of beauty and frankly it’s in the eye of the beholder)
  • Critical thinking.  I began to dissect all my views about what is “good, bad, okay”, etc. I continue to look for the “why” when I come across beliefs I have that were not consciously created in my core.
  • Taking the time to nourish the deep parts of me, first.  (journaling, meditation, eating well, getting fresh air/exercise and other ecstatic living practices)
  • Appreciation/gratitude/prioritizing.  (I’ve yet to be shunned and ridiculed and there are people who have experienced those things who are an inspiration and make their critics look pathetic)
  • Take the time to nourish the fun parts of me.  (I don’t have to shun make-up or fashion to be unaffected by it, I can just put it in it’s place!)
  • Knowing where to turn.  Getting help.  Knowing what I can trust people for, what my contributions are to others and building my community and communication standards.

So it comes down to perspective and practices.

Love is a verb and judging is the opposite verb.  Actively loving yourself is actively taking care of yourself, your energy, your space and the influences you let into your life.   Now judging is a thing we do naturally to help understand things that we find difficult to understand.  However, we can actively choose to place value on things that matter more, thereby leaving less space to judge things that don’t matter (look how someone else looks, loves, lives, etc).

The great thing about filtering your focus back to you and the things you really care about is that is builds character, confidence and community.  When you fully represent yourself, you will attract more people who support, embody and embrace the same/corresponding values.  That will boost your confidence as well.  All of a sudden you have a lot less to stress about and feel a lot better about your own body image, abilities, appearance, goals/dreams, abilities and more.

I highly recommend it.

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