Review of Give Your Tyke What He Likes by Karmyn Malone

It almost seems like some sort of fairy tale, or maybe if you watch the news, a nightmare. Children eating mostly fruits and vegetables, is barely an accessible idea to many.   There are certainly some bad stories out there, and most people have only heard the bad ones, so it’s no surprise that it is completely unheard of by many.  Karmyn’s raw vegan recipe book makes it look completely easy, normal and popular though.

The recipes have great names, simple ingredients and look extremely attractive.  Which is great for children who love to eat by sight…aka picky eaters.   I’m the kind of person who likes to make very simple foods and they don’t always look pretty, however with a 3 year old, that doesn’t really work well.

I read this book with my kids last year and immediately they were asking to make the recipes in the book.  There are great pictures, and pictures of Karmyn’s kids who helped “write” the book.  Several of the recipes have become regulars in our routine and my 6 year old likes to make these recipes herself.  The ono dogs and ono cucumber sandwiches are my kids’ favorites.

This is a great book and well worth the price.  If you want your kids to eat healthier, eat more fruits and veggies or if you’re looking for help transitioning your kids to a high raw or all raw diet, this is definitely the raw vegan recipe book for you!  If you’re an adult with picky eating habits or you’re just into pretty raw foods this will not fail you either.

I am not exaggerating when I say this book really helped me, permanently, with making foods for my kids.

You can purchase the book here: Feed Your Tike What He Likes

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