Articles for the Month of September 2013

The Transformation of Sound Healing

Sound healing is one thing that really helps me stay grounded and achieve transformation.

Simple forms of sound healing are the sound of laughter and kindness, nature sounds, healing music and mantra.   This video below really struck me because I remember the first few times I did Kundalini Yoga and how the chanting made such a big impact on me.  I was very quiet and self-conscious the first time. When I opened my mind the next few times and let go of my fear it transformed my perspective on life.  I never expected the power of mantra to work so fast and so profoundly.  I’m continually transformed by mantra on deeper and deeper levels.

Music has always been a love of mine. Before I happened upon Kundalini Yoga, I had no clue about the magnitude of sound healing.  In my first few weeks I started to process the meanings of the foreign mantras.  I didn’t remember the translations and I wasn’t very dedicated to trying. However, I was energetically integrating the practice and vibration of the mantras.  I could physically feel it!


I’ve used mantra to focus, heal from physical pain, change my mindset and much more. My dedication to chanting almost constantly in my last trimester transformed my high stress in my first pregnancy.  I used mantra to get me through the anxiety I had about traffic and hecklers when I used to bike to work. When I made mantra a routine my tendency to be flighty, nervous and insecure went away.

As much as I feel confident in the power of subtle sound healing, I’m as passionate about more wild versions of sound healing. One method is making primal noises, sounding out feelings, verbalizing thoughts loudly, directly and aggressively, and more.  This form of sound healing is amazingly effective at being a catalyst and catharsis for difficult times in one’s life.  If you’ve never truly explored the power of sound healing I have a free guide I’d like to offer you with some beginner mantras and how + why + when to use them (and more).  Sign up below to get your guide.

~Sat Nam