Let’s Play…What Ripe Fruit Is Near You?

I’m in the Southeastern United States.  I really, really enjoy having an abundance of one ripe fruit to mono on as much as possible. So far this year has been bananas and pears for me…neither being domestic.  I really can’t stand to eat conventional produce, so this is organics that I’m talking about.  Naturally grown, farm-fresh stuff would of course do, but I personally don’t have that access at the moment.  So what’s ripe right now?

(Let me daydream for a moment about mangoes……..aaaaaaaaah)

Sliced Mexican mangoes.
Sliced Mexican mangoes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, so right now…in the Southern U.S.  I can get dates from California.   Apples(that aren’t the bestest, being end of season) from North Carolina, I think or maybe Washington(above California) and some citrus(particularly minneolas) from either California or Florida.

Recently while perusing www.localharvest.org I saw that there might actually be a possibility of getting ripe persimmons from Indiana.  (I see your shocked faces…or maybe that’s my own shocked face)  In case you didn’t know, persimmons are my favorite fruits and I was pretty sure I dragged out their season as long as possible.   I will be looking into this Persimmons in April idea though and if you know anything about this, please feel free to enlighten me.   This link blew my mind yesterday: http://www.localharvest.org/american-persimmons-C11218

Now since we’ve gotten away from what I can get in my grocery store, let’s talk about some other “exotic fruits”.  I don’t order fruit in the mail much, but I certainly intend to do it more.  Apparently California avocados are ripe.  (I can technically get CA avocadoes probably, but I usually see them from Mexico, and also, avocodos don’t excite me much)

Guavas are in season.  I haven’t had really good guavas, but the pictures look really nice.  Feijoas(pineapple guavas) go up to the top of my list for favorite fruits, but they are not in season.

Kiwi is also in season, and I’ve gotten a lot of them(although the kids ate them and not me), I’m not really sure where they were from though.

Apparently passionfruit is in season, but again, not one of my faves.

Black(chocolate) and Mamey Sapotes are in season right now!  I’m looking into mail ordering these guys. 🙂

Diospyros digyna (Black sapote)
Diospyros digyna (Black sapote) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A bunch of mamey fruit in a market in Tepoztla...
A bunch of mamey fruit in a market in Tepoztlan, Mexico, December 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









And of course all sorts of citrus fruits are in season right now, but it hasn’t been the best season.  The quantity and variety of domestic citrus has been very low in my grocery stores, so I’m looking into mail ordering some valencias from the Orange Shop in Citra Florida.  I have very fond memories of eating bags of oranges from that shop 5 years ago, when I first started eating a high-fruit diet.

I will never forget the taste and fragrance of the oranges from that fruit stand and I think it’s a good time to spoil myself(and my kids) and renew my love of citrus.  (this has been a disappointing season, see how excited I was with my valencia picnics every morning last year!)

So…that is basically what’s in season right now in the U.S.

I’m patiently waiting for melons and peaches and plums and more tropical fruits to come into season.

What ripe fruit is where you are and what are you sadly saying goodbye to, or excitingly waiving through?

I’d love to have some fruitfull daydreams about it!

~ Sat Nam and May the fruit be with you!

Citrus fruit slices
Citrus fruit slices (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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