3/4-3/10 High Raw & Fruity Menu

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So, this week, I have a ton of bananas that are ripe.  I won’t go shopping again until the weekend probably, so here’s my menu for the week:


Breakfast: Grab it while you can(meaning get fruits that you want, usually something we only have a few pieces of, make your own fruit combo)

Lunch: Noodles w/ celery, carrots, bell pepper

Dinner: Romaine salad (with tomatoes, oranges, hemp seeds), potatoes


Breakfast: Fruit salad (banana, orange, apple)

Lunch: Persimmons & Cucumber salad

Dinner: Baby spinach salad & sweet potato


Breakfast: Apples & dates

Lunch: Oatmeal & fruit

Dinner: Fruity tacos (napa cabbage), Veg soup


Breakfast: Fruit salad

Lunch: Chopped bananas with coconut water

Dinner: Salad w/ walnuts, grapefruit, pineapple, rice noodles


Breakfast: Bananas

Lunch: Fruit salad

Dinner: Celery w/ dips: seed butter and seed hummus, sweet potatoes w/ raisins & celery


Breakfast: Banana/mango ice cream

Lunch: Noodle soup

Dinner: Cabbage/carrot/seed slaw, Spinach/fruit salad, mashed potatoes


Breakfast: Banana/fruit icecream

Lunch: Oatmeal (apple. banana, cinnamon)

Dinner: Cucumber sandwiches(raw), Slaw, veggie soup

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