Articles for the Month of August 2012

Review TapToTalk, Nonverbal Communication App

A photo taken of my iPod Touch

A photo taken of my iPod Touch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

TapToTalk is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) application for handheld devices and computers that creates more positive conditions to help the non-verbal and partially verbal communicate better with those around them.

The program is available in over 20 languages and is used across the world.  The app is free to download but there is a lot more available when the Designer is purchased.  With the Designer a personalized version of TapToTalk can be created for each individual and shared amongst many different devices and used with parents, teachers, therapists, etc.  With the Designer you can put in your own pictures, text and audio to better suit your user, and choose from a large TapToTalk library to customize things for your use.

I spent 10 or so minutes working with Tap To Talk with my daughter one morning. She will be 2 later this month and doesn’t really communicate verbally very often. She uses sounds and various types of communication, but not many words.  She really loved the site and was able to click on some of the words herself.

After that day she has been much more verbal. She now says ball, “I want”, “bird” and a few more things she was not saying before we tried the program and that was just a few days ago.  She also tries to verbalize a lot more than she was before.  It is like a code was discovered in her mind that verbalizing is now a preferred method for her, even though she is still working on the combinations.

Of course Tap to Talk can be extremely useful to people of all ages who are non-verbal or have particular communication and cognitive differences.  I wonder how it would work on the phone, since I know a family member with a speech impediment caused by cerebral palsy and understanding her on the phone can be much more difficult than in person.

It works by including several categories that a person may deal with on a day-to-day basis, such as numbers, choices, help me, as well as learning topics.  There are pictures in each category and you click on a picture and the word is announced by either a male or female voice, you choose.  Also, sentences related to the object in the picture are verbalized.

TaptoTalk Designer can be purchased for $99.95 for a year of $175 forever.  Remember the app is free to download so check it out first if you know or work with any non-verbal or partially verbal people who may be able to benefit from this tool.  There is also a 30-day-no-risk-refund policy. Visit to try it out.

Tap to Talk can be used on: Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad, iPod
Touch®, Nook Color, Nintendo DS products, Android™
phones and tablets, Blackberry™ Playbook®, plus PCs,
Macs, netbooks and tablet computers.

Disclaimer: I was provided with information to review this app, however all opinions are my own.

Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda

I know this is late notice but if you want an introduction to understanding the significance of Ayurveda in relation to Kundalini Yoga click on the link below and sign up for this free web-event. Jai Dev Singh is a great teacher. It has been several years for me, since I was taught by Jai Dev, it was during my yoga teacher training…but I will not forget his presence, he was warm, extremely easy to relate to and great at explaining things. I have no doubt this will be a special and very enlightening event. I am signed up and ready to learn, are you?

Why You Should Go To Sat Nam Fest, Pt. 1

Are you one of those naughty yogis who never sets foot into a classroom or practices with another yogi?

Okay, this doesn’t make you naughty. Doing yoga at all, by yourself, from videos or books or memory, actually makes you pretty awesome…but admittedly we could all use some yogi community every now and then, and the more the better really.

That’s why all these yoga festivals are so important. Those who don’t have a home studio get to experience the community aspect of the yoga environment. This video in particular will help you feel those vibes and hopefully buy a ticket, because it’s much more fun in person. For information on buying a ticket to Sat Nam Fest look beneath the video.

Sat Nam Fest, Sept 13-16 Waynesboro, PN, and use the code SFEMERA for a $25 discount, because you are special. 🙂

~~Sat Nam and see you there?