Fruit Festivals Around The World…

This summer is especially fruity… there are festivals all over and if you’re interested in trying out or maintaining a healthy relationship with fruit there is no better way to emerge in the experience than to attend a festival.

July: 12-14 Fresh Food Festival in Denmark

August: 20-28 Woodstock Fruit Festival in New York, USA

September: 12-16 Raw Fruit Festival in Andalusia, Spain

End of August-End of September hosts 3 different annual fruit-filled events in Sedro Wooley, WA, USA.
The first is Culinary Skills Week in which participants learn how to prepare fruit-centric 811 meals. August 31-Sept. 8

Second is Acro Health & Fitness Week. This event is focused on extensive fitness activities and adventure. 811 cuisine is provided for participants in this event to fuel all the activity.

Third is the Fasting and Feasting Fortnight. During this event those who are interested in fasting are supervised and supported as a group, and then re-feeding takes place with juicy, fruity 811 foods.

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