Articles for the Month of July 2012

Fruitfull Fashion

One of the things I love most about Kundalini Yoga is the attention to every aspect of your life.  You don’t have to follow any recommendations and a real Kundalini Yogi will not judge you for your appearance or habits, but you can bet there’s a recommendation for just about anything you can think of.

Clothing?  There’s a recommendation for that.  Natural fibers of course.  They breathe better, which means you’ll stink less.  Feel better on the skin and don’t get in the way of the healing, cleansing, releasing process of Kundalini Yoga.

But there’s more to it, of course.  Lots of Kundalini Yogis, especially teachers choose to wear white during class or in their daily lives.   For my first few years of practicing Kundalini Yoga I didn’t wear white, but when I finally tried it I really fell in love with it.   I have since moved and only have one piece of white left in my wardrobe(my teacher’s turban) but I am eye-shopping for snowy additions to my closet all the time.  Here are some ideas of how a Kundalini Yoga class looks:

Fruit Festivals Around The World…

This summer is especially fruity… there are festivals all over and if you’re interested in trying out or maintaining a healthy relationship with fruit there is no better way to emerge in the experience than to attend a festival.

July: 12-14 Fresh Food Festival in Denmark

August: 20-28 Woodstock Fruit Festival in New York, USA

September: 12-16 Raw Fruit Festival in Andalusia, Spain

End of August-End of September hosts 3 different annual fruit-filled events in Sedro Wooley, WA, USA.
The first is Culinary Skills Week in which participants learn how to prepare fruit-centric 811 meals. August 31-Sept. 8

Second is Acro Health & Fitness Week. This event is focused on extensive fitness activities and adventure. 811 cuisine is provided for participants in this event to fuel all the activity.

Third is the Fasting and Feasting Fortnight. During this event those who are interested in fasting are supervised and supported as a group, and then re-feeding takes place with juicy, fruity 811 foods.

For more information visit

Cold Showers & Chanting So Purkh: Personal Sadhana

I’m a day late sharing my sadhana, but this has been my routine.

A cold shower. This sets me in motion. After I take my shower, I feel warm, comfortable, creative and ready to go.

Chanting So Purkh in Gurmukhi and English(as many times as possible). This brings me to tears. This is my biggest commitment. I chant it as many times as I can.

I just recently found this video by Nirinjan Kaur…it quickly resonated with me as exactly what I needed to connect to:

Stretch pose. I actually started intuitively moving my body and realized I was in stretch pose with my hands under my butt. I did breath of fire in this position. I intend to do stretch pose regularly for core strength and 3rd chakra activation.

Spinal Kriya. Since I can easily remember the parts of this kriya without needing to look at a book or computer screen I usually do this kriya in the dark or teach it to my girls.

Adi Shakti meditation. Another that I remember easily and do with my toddler and preschool age daughters. This is fun and easy.

Transformational breathwork/dance. For trauma release, releasing extra emotions, extra grounding, creativity and a sense of being empowered.

Followed by melon. For simplicity and pleasure. For beauty and sweetness.

Marked with breaks of bliss, amazement, smiling contentedly, head nodding and releasing tears and fears.

Sat Nam~~

Fruitfull Fashion 1.1

I found this photo over on pinterest and it personifies my idea of kundalini comfort over the summer.  I’ve been wearing my hair like that and looking for a dress like that in my size for ages.  I really like yoga in dresses.


Other things I really like about this photo is the mudra and the subtle neck lock. The background is also beautiful. Does this not inspire a blissful yogic practice?

~~Sat Nam and May the Fruit Be With You