Sound Healing Saturday

Gong plus original leather and wooden stick pu...
Gong purchased in 1850s India in the Ganges valley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sound healing is a big part of Kundalini Yoga. Traditional Kyoga sessions are begun with a mantra called the Adi mantra: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

And end with long Sat Nams…the “Namaste” of Kyoga.

Also in a traditional Kundalini Yoga class you will likely engage in some chanting, perhaps gongs and crystal bowls, and your yoga teacher might play guitar, harmonium, tablas or whatever else they may find conducive to the meditative environment.

You might make yogic sounds with your breath(you should anyway), your voice or your body. Kundalini Yoga is not quiet yoga. It can be…we love our silent deep relaxations, which seem long, but when it’s over you wish you could do it longer and realize how active your body and mind are during those silent, still moments. However, sometimes our meditations are loud, and even the kriyas themselves can be loud, or just resounding…that’s a better word.

Even if your class is absent of chanting and mantras, I’ll bet there is a smidgen of sound healing present.

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Do you have a sound healing practice you’re into right now?

Share stories below.

~~Sat Nam

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