What I Ate Wednesday…Fruitalini-ish

Bucket of raw Abelmoschus esculentus (okra) pods
Bucket of raw Abelmoschus esculentus (okra) pods (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Unfortunately I didn’t really record this so I’m going off memory. I was cleansing a bit over the weekend so what I remember is:

Friday: Eating fruit all day including, a big banana smoothie for lunch and Cantaloupe for dinner
Saturday: The same, except that I also had potatoes & okra for my second dinner
Sunday: Rice noodles, okra and kim chee for dinner
Monday: Tomato gazpacho(that I blogged about earlier this week but can’t find anywhere now) with celery for dinner
Tuesday: Veggie burger (Earthfare brand) and rice/almond bread for dinner

So…I didn’t really follow my guidelines very well last week. I was low energy, snotty and sneezing, etc. from Thursday-Monday, and I am not quite on a decent sleeping schedule, which knocked me off for sure.

I ate a lot of fruit throughout the week but things became a blur after I got sick and I just can’t remember since I ate so many times, not really sticking to large meals like I normally do.

I will see if I stick to my menu plan more-so next Wednesday.

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