Summer Solstice Week: Menu Plan Mondays

This past weekend I went to the natural foods grocery store here called Earthfare.  When I first went here I was a little shell-shocked at the prices, but now that I’ve been shopping at the regular grocery store for a few months, I realize there’s really not much of a difference.  Some things are cheaper, some things are not, and it doesn’t really depend on rather its organic or not.
This Wednesday I’ll respond with what I actually ate last week.   I got a little detox/sick this past weekend as well, so I didn’t buy a ton, a lot of dried fruit/veggies, all sorts of berries, cherries, bananas, cantaloupe and veggie burgers.  Once again I’m happy to link up with a few hundred menu planning bloggers at org junkie.

Monday went like this:  Brunch:8  Bananas  Dinner 1:  Potato/okra veggie burgers in lettuce wraps & veggie burger on rice/almond bread  Dinner 2:  Cereal

Tuesday plan:  Breakfast: Watermelon  Lunch:  Banana/berry smoothie or “cereal”  Dinner 1:  Vegan French toast & Pineapple/Grapes/Green Smoothie(very yummy)  Dinner 2:  Guacamole wraps & cauliflower rice w/ tomato sauce

Wednesday plan:  Breakfast:  Watermelon  Lunch:  Cantaloupe  Dinner 1:  Banana smoothie  Dinner 2:  Carrot slaw & Yucca/potato soup

Thursday plan:  Breakfast:  Chopped fruit w/ banana mylk  Lunch:  Cantaloupe  Dinner 1:  Rice Salad & Fruity lettuce tacos & raw broccoli/tomato/orange blended soup  Dinner 2: Melon

Friday plan:  Breakfast:  Melon  Lunch:  Banana/fruit icecream  Dinner 1:  Fruit salad Dinner 2:  Gazpacho w/ tomato & avocado & steamed broccoli w/ hemp seeds& sweet potato fries for daughter #1 (cause Friday is “fries day”)

Saturday plan:  Breakfast: Cantaloupe Lunch:  Cereal w/ Coconut mylk  Dinner 1:  Raw peach cobbler &  French toast  Dinner 2:  Sonora burgers w/  & gazpacho

Sunday plan:  Breakfast:  Cantaloupe  Lunch: Raw Peach cobbler   Dinner 1:  Banana pudding & raw carrot slaw Dinner 2:  Whatever

*Snacks as we go, Second dinner is optional

*Sunday we’re going to a luau so I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that…I’ll let you know what we do next Wednesday.

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