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I like to plan my meals.  Especially when transitioning or maintaining a fruit-centric lifestyle without a natural abundance of fruit.  In other words, when I shop at the grocery store, I have a hard time keeping my food and meals in check.  If I don’t meal plan I get lost in the haze of eating and shopping.   Next Wednesday I’ll respond with what I actually ate.  I believe this will help me determine where I am and where I need to go with my eating habits.   I’m happy to link up with a few hundred menu planning bloggers at

It’s still Monday for me(though not technically).  I bought groceries tonight and procured 2 pints of strawberries, a pint of blueberries, 6 cantaloupe, 2 watermelons, plums, nectarines, pineapple and organic bananas.  I also got iceberg lettuce, cauliflower, tomatoes, avocado, celery and yucca and other things you don’t wanna know about.

Monday went like this:  Breakfast: Watermelon  Lunch: 10 bananas  Dinner 1:  Rice noodles soup w/ lentils Dinner 2:  Pineapple, Sweet potato fries & rice noodles

Tuesday plan:  Breakfast: Watermelon  Lunch:  Banana/berry smoothie or “cereal”  Dinner 1:  Vegan French toast & Pineapple/Green Smoothie(yum, that sounds good)  Dinner 2:  Raw vegan cabbage coleslaw w/ hemp seeds & Potatoes (lemon/herb)

Wednesday plan:  Breakfast:  Watermelon  Lunch:  Cantaloupe  Dinner 1:  Banana smoothie  Dinner 2:  Cabbage leave tacos & Yucca/potato soup

Thursday plan:  Breakfast:  Chopped fruit w/ banana mylk  Lunch:  Cantaloupe  Dinner 1:  Rice Salad & Fruity lettuce tacos  Dinner 2: Melon

Friday plan:  Breakfast:  Melon  Lunch:  Banana/fruit icecream  Dinner 1:  Fruit salad Dinner 2:  Guacamole wraps & Cauliflower “rice”

Saturday plan:  Breakfast: Cantaloupe Lunch:  Cereal w/ Coconut mylk  Dinner 1:  Raw peach cobbler &  French toast  Dinner 2:  Sonora burgers w/ Sweet potato fries & gazpacho

Sunday plan:  Breakfast:  Cantaloupe  Lunch: Raw Peach cobbler   Dinner 1:  Banana pudding & raw carrot slaw Dinner 2:  Whatever

*Snacks as we go, Second dinner is optional

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