Crazy Melon Mama!

Watermelons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yay!  It’s melon season!  My introduction to eating a high-fruit diet was over 3 years ago.  It started with bananas, but things got really, really good when melon season came along.  I was in Florida at the time, orange season was ending and I was traveling.  I spent my time eating melons, pineapples and bananas.  We’d eat maybe 2 melons a day as a family.  We’d go the park or the beach and stay there all day and devour a sweet juicy melon, or two.

The next year we did the same thing in desert CA.  The year after that it was the Capital city of California and now, I walk into the local grocery almost throwing my small frame into the huge box of watermelons to get the ones that are truly ready.  I lean over the edge, rolling melons out of the way, toppling dark green fruits towards me and carefully lifting the cool giant fruit into my palms and tapping.  The best melons only need to be slightly tapped once.  Usually I can tell as soon as I hold the baby in my arms.

My daughters in the plastic grocery store car portion of the cart want to play the tapping game too.  So we go through this container of 20 or so watermelons and pick out the best eight.  When I get to the check-out I draw a crowd.  My cashier doesn’t know how to ring up all the produce I have…not including the watermelon which he didn’t see since I left them in the cart.

The teenaged boys have a boisterous conversation about my grocery choices. One assumes I’m from Jamaica.  I really don’t hear them.  I’m in my own world.  Dreaming of watermelon breakfasts.  It is an ordeal to get my groceries rung up and put into bags and carted off in two carts to the car.  One of the boys told the others not to hate me for my health.

They ask if I’m having a fish-fry.  That would be the only reason for having 8 watermelons in this town.  I tell them I’m going to eat one everyday, and one is for my mom.  The guy who brings my cart can’t believe I’m going to eat a whole watermelon everyday.  I can’t wait. I’m untouched by the surprise.

I also got lots of peaches, 2 containers of strawberries, a bag of apples, grapes and bananas.  I’m kind of sad that orange season is over.  Matt’s Organic Valencia’s made my spring!  I’m ready for melon mornings to become a new norm, however.  Melon before or after Sadhana?  That is the question.

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