Strawberries & Citrus

I learned looking for local co-ops, cost-shares and farms that strawberries and citrus are now being harvested in Florida.

I definitely believe Florida citrus is the best and a couple years ago I spent citrus season up and down West Florida basking in the luscious tastes of oranges, tangerines and grapefruit.

If you can’t gush about the rich flavor of these fruit in the peak of their season, you’ve never truly had fresh, ripe citrus. If you live anywhere near Florida, Texas or California, I urge you to get some really ripe citrus and go to town, with your mouth… travel through the taste sensations and indulge in the juicy sweetness. You deserve it… citrus season only lasts so long. If you don’t live near these places, please don’t settle for pasteurized orange juice. Get it delivered or go visit the areas yourself and find yourself an orange grove or just a great farmer’s market… if you find scent-illating citrus that wafts around you like a perfume, that is soft to the touch, vibrant in color and seriously shocking in the depth of flavor, you’ve got a winner.

Remember to share your success here… I want more people to realize what they’re missing when they eat unripe citrus and say they just don’t like oranges or tangerines that much…that they’re tart or just don’t taste that good… it’s not the citrus, its unripe.

The same thing with strawberries. Really good strawberries are soft… deep crimson, juicy, sweet, que rica…dripping like velvet from its form and melts in your mouth. When you get strawberries like that, let me know…I want to live vicariously through you, even if I’ve just eaten them, I’ll pretend to do it again…when they’re good, they’re that good…but that only happens when they’re fresh and ripe. So please stop thinking that Wal-mart strawberries are representative of the finger-fruit and go get yourself the real deal!

This is your fruitalini yogic mission… put your body and mind into position to receive ripe, luscious, seasonal fruit… breathe in the hypnotic scents, exhale completely and devour the life and energy of nature’s treats… manifest that sweetness, the vivaciousness, the freshness into your life, and…repeat.

When you’ve completed your yogic journey, lie down for a deep relaxation and feel your cells engaged with new life. (and don’t forget to let me know about your experience)
–Sat nam and fruit be with you

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