Articles for the Month of May 2012

Strawberries & Citrus

I learned looking for local co-ops, cost-shares and farms that strawberries and citrus are now being harvested in Florida.

I definitely believe Florida citrus is the best and a couple years ago I spent citrus season up and down West Florida basking in the luscious tastes of oranges, tangerines and grapefruit.

If you can’t gush about the rich flavor of these fruit in the peak of their season, you’ve never truly had fresh, ripe citrus. If you live anywhere near Florida, Texas or California, I urge you to get some really ripe citrus and go to town, with your mouth… travel through the taste sensations and indulge in the juicy sweetness. You deserve it… citrus season only lasts so long. If you don’t live near these places, please don’t settle for pasteurized orange juice. Get it delivered or go visit the areas yourself and find yourself an orange grove or just a great farmer’s market… if you find scent-illating citrus that wafts around you like a perfume, that is soft to the touch, vibrant in color and seriously shocking in the depth of flavor, you’ve got a winner.

Remember to share your success here… I want more people to realize what they’re missing when they eat unripe citrus and say they just don’t like oranges or tangerines that much…that they’re tart or just don’t taste that good… it’s not the citrus, its unripe.

The same thing with strawberries. Really good strawberries are soft… deep crimson, juicy, sweet, que rica…dripping like velvet from its form and melts in your mouth. When you get strawberries like that, let me know…I want to live vicariously through you, even if I’ve just eaten them, I’ll pretend to do it again…when they’re good, they’re that good…but that only happens when they’re fresh and ripe. So please stop thinking that Wal-mart strawberries are representative of the finger-fruit and go get yourself the real deal!

This is your fruitalini yogic mission… put your body and mind into position to receive ripe, luscious, seasonal fruit… breathe in the hypnotic scents, exhale completely and devour the life and energy of nature’s treats… manifest that sweetness, the vivaciousness, the freshness into your life, and…repeat.

When you’ve completed your yogic journey, lie down for a deep relaxation and feel your cells engaged with new life. (and don’t forget to let me know about your experience)
–Sat nam and fruit be with you

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Wonderful Raw Blended Soup

I made a new recipe this week that I really liked so I will share it with you all…

I used one ”stalk” of broccoli
One celery stalk
Half an apple
The juice of one Meyer lemon
2 Honey oranges
4 tangerines
Water, filled about half-way

Blended it up and it was really, really good…I left it in a pureed consistency and refrigerated the leftovers and finished it the next day. If you have really good citrus, add a lot more oranges or tangerines. My daughter used the soup as a sauce as well.

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My Recent Trip To The Grocery Store

I spent $199 at the grocery store.

I bought 7 containers of strawberries

an 8 pound box of clementines

a bag of oranges

bananas at 59cents/lb.

a bag of green grapes

a bag of apples

a 2 pack of organic tomatoes

4 avocados

4 mangoes

and tons of greens…the greens looked so good I went a bit overboard

1 huge head of romaine

1 container of hydroponic bibb lettuce

1 head of escarole

a box each of baby greens, baby romaine and baby spinach…organic

a head of cabbage

a container of gourmet organic greens

cilantro, parsley

organic celery

broccoli, okra and zucchini

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Datorade Island Cleanse: How and Why To Do It

MMMmmmmm Datorade, lovely, creamy, sweet, intoxicating drink, you… people want to know you and I can’t keep our secret any longer…

I’ve been getting lots of search results on how to make datorade.  I think there are basically 2 ways to make it and it really depends on your preferences. First you need some good dates… get dates that have no preservatives in them.  They should be soft and juicy.  If your dates are dry you will need to soak them in water, perhaps overnight.  The best dates are organic and naturally grown dates.

Update:  This post is now not just about making a great datorade, but using datorade daily, for a period of time to achieve a higher level of health, happiness and simplicity in your life.

My favorite varieties are medjool and khadrawy, two of the juiciest types of dates.  Deglet noors are the driest dates I’ve ever had.  I prefer to get dates from the date farms, but sometimes I’ll get the bulk variety from grocery stores, or very carefully picked packaged dates from the store.  Pitted dates are not raw and contain sulfites.  There are several companies that mail in dates, but the most well-known are and

Best datorade quality dates

Best Datorade Quality Dates. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quantity of dates.

Purchasing: If you’re trying dates for the first time or for the purpose of this recipe a pound is alright, I’d go with 3-5lbs. if you’re not convinced you will like them.  Otherwise get as many pounds as you can handle.  I usually get at least 20 lbs. when I order them.

Creating: I think it’s a really good idea to make a blender full, even if you have to store what you don’t drink right away because it makes it easier to blend and datorade a day later is all the better.  For smaller dates I put in 20-30 dates.  For medjool dates I put in 10-20 dates depending on the size.  It looks like the blender is about 1/4th to 1/5th full of dates.

Water.  Do you want your datorade to be thick like a milkshake or thin like a latte?  If you want it thick you might put a few less dates in and fill the blender up with water until it’s half full for a 48 oz blender.  If you want it more latte-like, fill it up 3/4 with water.  You could also add in ice.

Low-Fat Strawberry-Banana Yogurt Smoothie 1 cu...(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What you get… Depending on your blender and your dates, it might be difficult to get the dates to blend up completely.   You might want to start with a few at a time, and continuously add more.  Sometimes I blend in batches.  I might start with all my dates and water in and then pour some off, adding it back in when I’ve got a batch completely blended and stored in a container.

If your datorade is thick you’re going to end up with a drink that looks like caramel and basically tastes like it as well.  The thicker drink is sweeter, drink it like a dessert drink.  If you go with the latter expect your drink to look more creamy, with a white foam at the top and taste sweet, but palatable enough to drink a gallon’s worth.  It will look more like the smoothie to the right.  Now once you get the hang of it, you’re probably going to experiment and pick a ratio you prefer which is why I haven’t given any direct measurements.  Datorade is pretty flexible, but it can be a disaster until you get accustomed (addicted) to the taste and texture.

What I mean is that your comfort level will increase when you’re more confident that you know what you’re doing when you make it.  I have seen others afraid of datorade, it may not mix well with other foods, especially if you’re drinking the thicker, sweeter blend in large quantities.  I usually eat datorade as a meal.  Being hydrated is also important with dates or any dry fruit.  For this reason the more watery variety is better as a meal and if it’s not sweet enough for you add a few more dates to it and more water to decrease the sweet.

Datorade is a great food for energy and extremely filling.  You can also add other fruits to it such as bananas, strawberries, or apples.  You could also pour datorade over sliced apples, bananas, strawberries, cucumbers or whatever other fruits you want to try.  This is a great staple for a fruit cleanse, eating a raw diet or eating fruit for breakfast.

Troubleshooting:  There are no exact measurements here, because it’s all about personal choice and being intuitive in your eating.  If your datorade is too sweet, add more water.  Datorade is not like your everyday smoothie, that’s why it’s not typically called a date smoothie.  Most people prefer it to have the consistency of Gatorade or just slightly thicker.  That’s why it has it’s name, it’s a nice Gatorade alternative, that’s a lot more natural and tastier.  

If your datorade is not sweet enough there’s many things you can do.  You can definitely add more dates if you have good quality dates.  In the U.S. you can order fresh dates from September until approximately March.  If you order a large quantity you can keep them in your refrigerator throughout the summer.  If you don’t have fresh dates you will probably need to soak your dates.  The taste may not be satisfying with store bought dates, it might be a good idea to add other fruits to your datorade.

Recommended ripe fruits are: apples (if in season), pineapple, bananas, mango, pineapple, raspberries, peaches, cherries and nectarines.  I recommend learning how to guage and encourage ripeness in fruit.

You can also add vanilla, mint, coconut water, coconut, cucumber or tomato to create a different flavor, if you don’t want it sweet or can’t get it sweet enough.  Another issue might be your blender.  If your datorade is chunky, try blending it for longer, on pulse, starting and stopping.  You might also want to try a stick blender or food processor.  The best blenders for meal quality blends though are high-speed, heavy duty blenders like the Vitamix, Ninja, Omni, Cuisinart, Healthmaster, etc.


As mentioned earlier, Datorade is a natural Gatorade alternative.  Go for datorade if you’re looking for a post work-out drink.  You can also use it as a meal if you have enough dates and I often have it for breakfast because it gets me going for the day much better than most breakfast foods.

Dates are full of many nutrients but the most important part to me is that they are easy to eat and very filling.  I don’t believe in calorie-restrictive dieting.  I think it’s more important to get most of your calories from healthy foods, so eating a lot of fruit, with low-fat and high value will be beneficial to those with a sweet-tooth or who have trouble overeating.  Dates are high in fiber, good sugars, potassium and many more nutrients including iron.


Datorade Island makes a great cleanse.  Any fruit island is great for digestion and sensitizing taste buds.  Datorade Island also helps if you need to recover from any previous or current illness.  It is super easy, simple, tasty, filling and rich in nutrients.  Datorade is often used as a replacement for energy drinks and coffee in the morning, because it will fill you up with energy.  It will not cause a crash later because of the high fiber and high level of minerals.   Start a datorade cleanse if you’re ready to refresh your taste buds and your sense of health, energy and nutrition as a whole.  If you’re ready to be fulfilled and excited by a simple eating process go for the Datorade Island Cleanse.

Step 1:

Secure the best quality of dates you can find.

Step 2:

Decide how long you’re going to do the cleanse 3 days to 14 days is recommended.

Step 3:

Make sure you have plenty of dates to get you through your cleanse and a good blender.

Step 4:

Get goaling.  Don’t worry about weight loss or weight gain, you’re doing this to improve your digestion and increase your nutrient uptake.

Step 5:

Make sure you have extra ingredients to add to your datorade, in case you get bored.

Step 6:

Prepare ahead if you’re taking Datorade to work, school or anywhere like that.  (Get containers)

Step 7:

Plan your meals.  Calculate how many calories you will need and be generous, make a little more than you think you’ll need.

If you’d like support doing The Datorade Island Cleanse or other cleanses, with exotic fruit and simplifying your digestion, eating with abundance and prioritizing the emotional/spiritual side of achieving your health goals join me here.

Kundalini Yoga Music Picks


taki-gyo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Practicing kundalini yoga at home can be a delicate practice.  Especially if you are not living alone.  Music is important, especially during sadhana.  This morning I discovered a new favorite and I blissed out to a tried and true classic.  I think these two could make up a pretty diverse session.  I listened to a few others during my sadhana and focused on chanting.

This is great for a warm-up or active kriya.

This is great for slower-paced kriyas, meditations, pranayama and deep relaxation.

I also like to choose chants that my 4-year-old can sing to and Ek Ong Kar is easy and pleasing.  It also produces those tingly sensations that I love so much about Sadhana.  A great start to any day!

This morning: Spinal Kriya & So Purkh

Kitten trataka

Kitten trataka (Photo credit: ideowl)

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~~Sat Nam

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90 Days Til Summer Solstice Yoga Celebration

Tonight, May 5th  is the full moon and kicks off the Summer Solstice Sadhana Support for 3H0 Kundalini Yoga.

Summer Solstice is a massive event of Kundalini Yoga community that has been happening for 4 decades. It is a week-long and takes place in New Mexico.

This year’s theme is the Ether Tattva…connected to the changing of the ages…from Pisces to Aquarian which is central to Kundalini Yoga community.

To prepare I will participate in the way quoted below from the 3HO Summer Solstice website:

We will chant 11 minutes of the Wahe Guru Mantra everyday to prepare for Solstice and to integrate the Solstice experience after Solstice. You do not have to attend the Solstice Celebration to participate in this Global Sadhana!

Wahe is a statement of awe and ecstasy. Guru is that which brings us from darkness to light. Wahe Guru is an expression of complete ecstatic awe of the Divine. It expresses the indescribable experience of going from darkness to light (from ignorance to true understanding). It is the Infinite teacher of the soul. A trikutee mantra, it balances the energies of the generating, organizing, and transforming principles. It expresses ecstasy through knowledge and experience. It is the gurmantra, which triggers the destiny.

Speak and Be the Living Truth

The year 2012 is a “5″ year in Tantric Numerolgy.  The fifth chakra/throat chakra (Vishudda) is ruled by the Ether Tattva which which corresponds to the Throat Chakra, the power of projection and penetration. Mastery of the etheric element in combination with the spoken word has the potential of bringing the heavens to the earth–to create a reality that matches the Divine Will. As we are now in the Aquarian Age without qualification, we need to become the answer to living on this small globe together. When we act from our original Self, we begin from silence and we create through the Word. We vibrate with our entire being. We project with the power of the fifth chakra. The past is gone. Let it go. Welcome what is yet to be seen. Release all fear and replace it with trust and commitment.

Meditation for the Ether Tattva

This is a powerful meditation for releasing fear and building trust and commitment through the power of the word.

  • Sit in Easy Pose with the hands in Gyan Mudra.
  • Chant the mantra Wahe Guru using the music below by Nirinjan Kaur. Continue for 11 minutes, then inhale deeply, exhale, and relax.

Click on the link below for more:

Summer Time Kundalini Yoga Events

There are some great Kundalini events coming up… first off there’s the bi-annual Sat Nam Fest (one on the East Coast of the U.S. and one on the West) coming up this month. From April 12-15 in Joshua Tree, CA the festival will include several huge teachers and musicians, including the world renowned teacher Gurmukh with world renowned musician Snatam Kaur.

The classes will include live music by the musicians. There will also be kirtan with Ramdass and others. The best thing about Sat Nam Fest is the 4am Sadhana! Joshua Tree is a magical place and a perfect place for Sadhana. If you are free during this time you should absolutely make it to Sat Nam fest rather you’ve participated in Kundalini Yoga before or you’re just curious. It is a great way to jump into the KY community experiencing the best of the best in teachers, musicians and community…

 Espanola, NM The 21 Stages of Meditation 6/6-12 2012

 Toronto, ON, Canada is Beyond Addiction: The Yogic Path to Recovery  April 20- July 15th

Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival 2012.  On June 6

Then the huge annual Summer Solstice and it’s offspring Women’s Camp and Youth Camp.  These events take place in Santa Fe, New Mexico from June 14-23 for the Solstice event and the two camps take place from 6/24-7/6.

 Montreal Kirtan Festival, this is the first annual for this festival in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 7/14

 Campamento De Mujeres De Mexico- Women’s Camp in Mexico, visit 7/12

There’s also the very special Sat Nam Fest, in September.  It is awhile from now, but it’s worth planning in advance and their early bird registration end on the 20th of this month!  So if your summer is already busy, look into the Sat Nam Fest in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania and use my special code to get a discount of $25 on your registration for 3 or 4 day passes:  SFEMERA

September 13-16 Waynesboro, PA

Early registration ends May 20th, so with this discount code you will get the best price if you sign-up now! 

~~Sat Nam

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What I’m Eating Right Now…Fruit-Centric

Matt’s Organic Valencia oranges come in 4lb. bags for $4.99 each. I get as many as they have at the store and eat between 1-2 a day most days between me and my girls. Today I ate about 10 lbs.

Del Monte’s organic bananas, usually at $0.59 cents a pound. Frozen mango, pineapple, apples, cucumbers, baby greens & romaine.

My dinner is something like this: