Articles for the Month of February 2012

Wasting Too Much Time And Money Deciding What To Eat?

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If you don’t make meal plans, you probably are…

If you eat out on a regular basis, you probably are…

If you only shop for groceries when you have nothing left and have no choice…you probably are wasting too much money and time on food.

You’re probably wasting the things you have in your refrigerator, and causing yourself stress. You’re probably staying hungry too long and eating the wrong things when you finally eat.

So how do you change this:
1. Make or obtain* meal plans for each week.
2. Make an on-going grocery list in the kitchen and do your shopping at least once a week.
3. Label the things in refrigerator with dates, ingredients and in categories, such as fruit, snacks, veggies, dessert, side dishes.
4. Monitor what you eat on or find out what you’re not getting enough of easily and add foods that can help you to your grocery list…when you see those items in your refrigerator on your ingredient lists you will be more likely to eat them.
*If you need help I create weekly grocery lists, meal plans, recipe lists and more that you can customize on my website