4 Myths About Losing Weight

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The weight loss industry, is just that, an industry. The industry makes millions of dollars a year and that happens because of repeat customers. Those customers are yo-yo dieters, gullible and manipulated by marketing techniques and the general lack of accurate information in the media and even in schools about health.

Even worse is the common knowledge that people think they have about health. Who do you trust?

You trust those who have proven to be healthy over long periods of time. You choose those who are engaged in ethical business and who are not being paid directly or indirectly to promote someone else’s message. In other words, you don’t trust the mainstream media. You don’t trust grocery stores and magazines, and you don’t trust me! Unless and until you really know me.

Trust your friend who has improved his or her health and is consistently showing you and telling you how great they’re doing. When your friend’s health is improving find out what they’re doing and look into the people they’re trusting. Is their success a fluke, or are the people they’re trusting really trustworthy?

You trust people like Dr. Neil Bernard, Dr. McDougall, Dr. Doug Graham. Dr. Dave Klein, Herbert Shelton . Trust Freelee Fruititionist, Durianrider, Dr. Bragg, Shari Lieberman, Jack Lalanne , Anne Osborne, Chris Kendall. Trust people only after you can see that they know what they’re talking about and they are following their own advice. Trust the people who can show without a shadow of a doubt that they are healthy.

Don’t trust in gimmicks. Don’t trust in overcomplicated or oversimplified ideas. Trust your own intuition. The weight loss industry is based on a temporary fix. Temporarily you can lose weight, usually by compromising your health in some other way or your confidence/self-esteem when you invariably gain that weight back.  If you stick to the plan and you gain the weight back that means something was not sustainable.  It was either your lifestyle, or the plan itself.  If the plan didn’t include any lifestyle techniques, it was not sustainable and therefore you were doomed to failure.

Setting yourself up for failure is one of the worst things you can do for your self-esteem.  When we fail and we don’t know why, we internalize the feelings, adopt unconscious attitudes and behaviors and label ourselves as failures.  We begin to think we can’t succeed or meet our goals.  We begin to see things as too hard or impossible.  What you really need to have a healthy body is a healthy lifestyle, healthy habits and belief patterns, a healthy knowledge of your situation and the things you’re trying to do, and support.

More than anything, trust your body.  Give attention and awareness to how you’re body feels and follow the path that makes your body feel the best, on its own, naturally.  I want nothing more than to give you the support, encouragement and direction you need to own your health, trust, know and love your body!  If you have a question about your health ask me now.  This will give you the ability to get to know me and decide to trust yourself and seek others you can trust.  I will answer your questions and if you decide you’re satisfied and want to take this journey with me, you’ll be invited to join my program.  First, let me just give you an introduction to myriad of lies that need to be busted.

There is so much that you are probably unaware of about your health, if you have tried to lose weight before.  I can only let you in on a few because it takes a lot of knowledge and it needs to be given bit by bit, in conjunction with behavior modification techniques and all the other success factors for really getting(and staying) healthy.  I have designed a plan to help people really get what they need to take control of their body, their mind and their lifestyles.   I’ve studied lots of techniques, doctors, teachers, movements and health concerned people over the years and these are things that I think need to be put out there first.

Myth 1:

You are overweight... this is incorrect.  The media oversimplifies this issue thereby causing confusion, obsession and distraction from the truth and focusing on numbers.  When you tell yourself you need to lose weight, you’re essentially saying, “I don’t really care about anything except having a certain number pop up when I get on the scale.”  Focusing on numbers greatly diffuses the motivational steam that many have when starting to get healthy.  They wait and wait for the weight to drop and when it doesn’t go fast enough they get discouraged and stop.  The truth is you will probably need to gain some weight to get healthy, if you need to lose FAT.  Fat is flabby, light and actually can be lost pretty fast.  To lose fat you need to gain muscle…muscle is heavy, tough and solid, it is not lost easily.  That is a good thing.  You don’t need to worry about being too muscular.  You can become as muscular as you want, as long as you have a healthy body image and expectations, but you can’t just lose weight and think that’s all there is to it.  You want to focus on a healthy body composition and body fat index decrease.

Myth 2:

You’re over-eating…this is also faulty logic.  For the most part, the body dictates the amount of food a person eats.  If you eat when you are hungry, you will eat until your body is full, exhausted or has enough energy.  Your body needs to eat in order to function, and it will take what it can get, if you’re willing to feed it.  Processed foods are addictive because they lack the nutrients the body needs.  When you eat processed foods you trick your body.  Your body is expecting to be nourished by the foods consumed and this is not the case.  It causes you to be hungry, never get full or get tired and/or disgusted with the quantity of food you’re eating.  If you were to eat healthier foods, you may still need a lot of food, but the foods you eat would actually nourish you.  This would cause your body satisfaction and balance and you’d be able to experience satiation.  You can’t overeat on a good thing.  Your body will stop you, by feeling full.  You just need to know what is good and what is not so good to eat.  It may be a lot different than you’ve been told.

Myth 3:

You should eat a low-calorie or low-carb diet.  Calories are an energy source that we obtain from our food.  Calories are good.  In order to have energy to handle our day, exercise, and just exist in our living state, we need sufficient calories.  If you need to lose fat, you need to eat a lot of good calories to give yourself the energy to be active and gain muscle that will lead to losing fat.  Carbohydrates are the building blocks of life.  Carbs are present in grains, potatoes and fruits in high quantities.  They give us the immediate energy we need and fuel all of the cells in our bodies.  We need carbs more than anything else we consume besides water.  I’ve heard many uninformed fat loss candidates talk about how too much sugar is bad for you, how one fruit or another has too many calories.  Sugar, glucose is exactly what we need to function most, that is why everyone has a sweet tooth.  The problem is not sugar its the type of sugar that is being eaten.  If you a eat a whole large watermelon, versus 2 slices of grocery store bakery cake, the watermelon is going to fill you up, give you energy, digest easily and provide hydration and other nutrients that are easily assessed by the body.  The cake will provide your body with sugar and some energy, but then it will make you tired and create a sluggish digestive system.  I won’t even mention the rest of the negatives of the cake.

Myth 4:

If you exercise enough you’ll lose weight.  Exercising a lot does not make a person healthy.  True health comes from a myriad of factors.  Nutrition, adequate sleep, sunshine, fresh air, low-stress, hydration, and proper exercise.  Proper exercise is a mix of aerobic, anaerobic and flexibility.  You need to gradually increase your activity level and you need to give your body recovery time.  Over training can result in injuries and create a prolonged plateau in bodily strength and fat loss.  Over stressing your body can put your hormones on kilter and create an imbalance and skewed self-esteem about your capability of success.  It is important to have active fun, rather than stressing yourself to exercise all the time in ways you don’t enjoy.  There are so many things that affect your health, and without a healthy balance just exercising could do more harm than good.

Disclaimer: I am not giving medical advise, I am simply engaged in education, support and coaching people to self-empowered health.  With positive reinforcement, a clear path, and the motivation to seek out quality health advise from quality health professionals, clients can come to a place of balance, strength and confidence in their health.

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